3 Best 3 Piece Coffee Table Set

Are you looking for fine furniture to be placed in your living room? If you want to find the right one, I suggest you to have the 3 piece coffee table set. The coffee table is a wonderful decoration as it is pretty useful for enjoying the day and doing many relaxing activities. In getting the best one, you should get the best among the rest. If you do not even know about this table, I will give you three recommendations of the best three coffee table set which will make you happy.

3 Piece Coffee Table Set Reviews

1. Coaster Fine Furniture 700395

3 Piece Coffee Table Set - Coaster Fine Furniture 700395 3-Piece Coffee Table and End Table SetFor the first choice of the great 3 coffee table set, the suggestion comes from the Coaster Home Furnishing. The products come with various kinds of feature, which will enhance your wonderful room. The design of the table comes with the faux marble top. The marble top makes a perfect look in the appearance as it is classic and strong too. The table is a great friend for classic design.

In the appearance, the finish of the wood comes with brown finish and an apron for enhancing more eye catching design. The 3 coffee table set with wide main tables can be placed in the place which you want where the two tables are tables for placing decorations. Although the classic look is given in the marble look, the modern design is kept in the main design with its sharp lining with no artistic carving or other kinds of arts. It will make you feel strange.

2. Coaster 3 Piece Occasional Table Set in Black Finish

Coaster 3 Piece Occasional Table Set in Black FinishThe next product still comes from the Coaster Home Furnishing. The product which we will get is the occasional table set in black finish. The main design of this coffee table is still modern design. The strong elegance of the 3 coffee table set comes from the black color. You get two small tables with one coffee table. The two small tables are used for placing some decorations in it when the big one is used for enjoying coffee.

On each table, below the countertop, there is a board for placing stuff. You can get more storage for keeping belongings, such as a newspaper or a book which you often read while you are enjoying your beloved coffee. The 3 piece coffee table sets sets in modern design with the touch of art too. The art is acquired by the grain and wood finish in the appearance. It provide a little bit antique yet modern sense in the 3 set of coffee table.

3. WE Furniture 3 Piece Wood Coffee Table Set

WE Furniture 3 Piece Wood Coffee Table Set, DriftwoodFor the last product of the chosen 3 coffee table set, the WE Furniture is the next producer for it. The coffee table which is suggested comes with two small tables and one main table. The table is designed with high grade MDF where it emphasizes on the sturdy form and structure. The table is designed with durable laminate to ensure the quality will last for a long time. You will feel satisfied when you have witnessed the period of its durability.

The best part of this 3 coffee table set is the wide size. The size comes with a nice shelve in the design. You will get the best design too from the wood finish which is fitted to any design with room. You can place it in the room with modern design or classic design as the wood grain appearance is preserved. The classic appearance and the modern design provide a really artistic sophistication in the room where this table is placed.

Those are the choices which you can have for the best 3 coffee table set. The 3 piece coffee table set should be chosen with care to about the matching progress with the table itself. You will get more interesting result when you can combine the coffee table with the decorations which you have liked the table lamps or flower vase. Now, it is time for you to perform your own decorating methods with the table and you better consider the harmony, which you want to achieve along with these table sets.

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