3 Best 3 Piece Table Set for Small Dining Room

Having the small dining room sometime needs the right furniture. The 3 piece table set is the right option for your small dining room because it does not need more space. This set will make your room look wider. If you are looking for the 3 piece table set, there are some products that can be used for your option.

Top 3 Piece Table Set Reviews

1. Linon Tavern Collection 3-Piece Table Set

Linon Tavern Collection 3 Piece Table SetThe first option for your dining set is the Linon Tavern collection. This offers the impressive and great dining set in the small dining room. This table set is designed by the sweet espresso color which has 42 x 22.25 x 36 inch for its dimension. This is really impressive small dining room set. This product consists of two comfortable stools and a rectangular table. Furthermore, it is made by using the hardwood construction which provides good durability. This is made by the faux paper stone wrapped for the table top so that it will be strong and it is heat resistant.

In addition, the stools of dining set are padded by black vinyl upholstery and the stools can be stored under the table to make them simpler. The top of the seats is made from the soft and comfortable cushion to give the best comfort when you are seated on the chair. The elegant and simple design of the 3 piece table set is a space saving design and convenience. This is a recommended dining set for your small dining room.

2. Coaster 3 Piece Dining Set, Cappuccino

Coaster 3 Piece Dining Set CappuccinoThe next option of dining set in the small dining room is the Coaster 3 piece dining set, cappuccino. This is a product by Coaster Home Furnishing. The table set is perfect for small dining space. The product consists of two stools and one table. The seats are designed in cream padded seats with the comfortable cushion. Thus, you will feel comfortable when you are seated on the stools of this table set.

This product is made with a cappuccino finish. It looks so elegant. The stools of the dining set are made by using the hard wood to give good durability. The item weight of this product is 57.3 pounds and the dimension of this product is 35 x 35 x 29.2 inches. This table set includes the best seller furniture for the small dining space.

3. Coaster Home Furnishings 130015 Casual Dining Room 3 Piece Set

Coaster Home Furnishings 130015 Casual Dining Room 3 Piece SetThe 3 piece table set which can be used for your option is this Coaster 130015 casual dining rooms. This furniture is designed by using the casual design. The product is a good option for you who have the small dining room. It has 40.5 x 29.5 x 29.9 inches for the dimension and 81.5 pounds for the weight. The simple and casual design of this dining set makes your dining room looks more elegant. This product is finished in two tone, a combination of black and brown.

The table on this product has a fold out table top, which extends 2950 inches to 4100inches. Moreover, the table has the two storage shelves at the table end. This product is good for your dining room because it is made by using the hardwood, which provides better durability and strength. This good 3 piece table set has the best comfort. The stools of this table set have the back, which can be used for getting best comfort. This product can be used for your option for your small dining room because it does not need more space.

The three products above are the recommended dining set for the small dining room. They do not need extra spaces. You can choose the product which is the best for you. 3 piece table set above is the best selling product, which has the impressive quality and durability.

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