3 Best 5 Piece Counter Height Dining Set

There is a lot of furniture set, which has been made for making our room get more wonderful. As we meet so many choices, we need to be wise in choosing. For the recommendation of making a good room for relaxation, you need to put the 5 piece counter height dining set for the decoration. This decoration is quite wonderful for small to medium room. It will provide you with enough space for resting without making a small space to move.

Top 5 Piece Counter Height Dining Set Review

1. Coaster 5pc Cappuccino Finish Counter Height Dining Table and 4 Barstools Set

Coaster 5pc Cappuccino Finish Counter Height Dining Table and 4 Barstools SetFrom the beginning, we better have the Coaster product. This comes with really excellent design. The sets come to the table and four bar stool chairs, which are set at a fair height. The chairs are designed in bold brown finish to add both warm and elegant appearance in the five piece counter height set it. The table size comes with the 44 x 44 x 40 inches, which is quite wide.

In the comfort feature, the 5 piece counter height dining set is designed with the best shape. The cushion comes with premium material, which enables a long lasting softness. It will not be a great matter for you for sitting in this chair in a long time. The color of the cushion itself comes in the cappuccino appearance, which is quite pleasing and warming to the eyes. The soft microfiber tan padded seats are the best for you for its comfort and durability.

2. Mainstays 5-Piece Counter Height Dining Set

5 piece counter height dining set - Mainstays 5-piece Counter Height Dining SetFor the next choice of great 5 piece counter height dining set, you get the product from Mainstays. This product is wonderfully awesome as it comes with a warm touch. The appearance of the set comes with the sweet cherry finish in gloss. The gloss really makes a sweet touch in the appearance. It will make you feel pleased and make the decoration in your house get more sparkling. This is wonderful for any kinds of home design.

The best part is that this dining set comes with all wood design. The wood is the rubberwood, which is solid .The rubberwood provides a nice color moreover with the contemporary design, which is set in the furniture. The size of the table is 35,8 x 38 x 38 inches, which is quite wonderful here. Great look will make a fine decoration in your house. You just need to match its color with the color of your main theme.

3. East West Furniture VERN5-WHI-W Height Table Set

East West Furniture VERN5-WHI-W 5-Piece Counter Height Table SetFor the last choice of excellent 5 piece counter height dining set, you get the wonderful look in the product from East West Furniture. The finish of this stuff is made in a really sweet appearance with the wood look combined with a creamy white color. Those two combinations make a really fine appearance. You get an even sweeter look too, as the brown comes with a grain it. The size of the table is 36 x 36 x 36 where the chair comes in 18.5 x 17 x 42 inches.

For the quality, should not ask for more about this dining set. First, the material which is used is pure Asian hardwood. It is quite durable and tough despite its sweet look. There is no other kind of additional material like veneer, laminate, or MDF wood. The material is provided with a really wonderful finish too. The surface is quite soft with the sturdy structure in each fastened part. This 5pc counter height set is the right choice to be chosen.

Those three 5 piece counter height dining sets are the choices which are suggested for you. The quality will be acquired better when it is made with much consideration. The solid wood, which is given really make a fine structure and durable sets to be used in your house. When you have decided your choices of 5 counter height set, you just need to adjust your choice with the theme of your room for making better harmony.

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