7 piece dining set - 7 Piece Home Dining Kitchen 6 Person Furniture Set

3 Best 7 Piece Dining Set

When you want to make a comfortable dining room, you should place the right furniture there. There are a lot of choices which you can get and one of them is 7 piece dining set. This furniture is the set of a dining table along with six chairs which surround the table. When you want to get the best result, you need to get the best choice too. For that reason, I will provide you with the choice of seven piece dining set. Here are those choices.

7 Piece Dining Set Review

1.  7-Piece Home Dining Kitchen 6 Person Furniture Set

7 piece dining set - 7 Piece Home Dining Kitchen 6 Person Furniture SetFor the first choice of excellent product, we get the 7 piece dining set from IDS. The product from IDS is really interesting because they are made from a fine cut. The top of the table has been made from glass, which provides a wonderful modern look. The black color of the glass itself will add strong elegance too in the house appearance. Each of the legs has been forged from metal. The metal is really sturdy and reliable too.

To make the look of the dining set get more interesting, the metal leg and frame in this dining set has been made in a wonderful result. The durability has been increased too with the metal leg. In the size, we get a quite wonderful result with the table size, which is 51.18″ x 27.56″ x 29.53″ whereas, we get the chairs with the size of 16.5″ x 20.5″ x 37.8″. Those are the best size, which you can have for a good dining table.

2. Furniture of America Lazio 7-Piece Transitional Dining Set

Furniture of America Lazio 7-Piece Transitional Dining SetThe classic and rustic 7 piece dining set becomes a favorite thing to be chosen. The product from the Furniture of America, which comes with classic design has been favored by many people. The 7 dining set has been made in a wonderful appearance with the wood finish which is kept in the dining set. The wood look is quite remarkable too, as it provides you with gloss that will increase the quality of classic look too.

The main theme of this dining set is the light oak. This comes from the combination of solid woods, leatherette, wood veneers, and the cal-foam padding which are wonderful. On the chairs, you get a soft cushion for giving more comfort when you have your food. The size of the table it comes in 30″ x 42″ x 60-78 where the chairs come in 39″ x 19″ x 20″. Those combinations have been made with a good process of creating and making this stuff come with sturdy appearance.

3. The Room Style 7 piece Cherry Finish Solid Wood Dining Table Set

The Room Style 7 piece Cherry Finish Solid Wood Dining Table SetFor the last choice of the best 7 piece dining set is comes to the Room Style vendor. The room style makes a perfect one with the product which focuses on solid wood. It comes with really sturdy body and it provides you with excellent form and structure. The size of the 7 piece dining set itself is quite remarkable with the dimension of the table which is 60″ x 36″ x 30″ and the chairs which is 18″ x 22″ x 38″. You get those combinations of nice size for eating with many people with much space for each person.

In the appearance, the interesting look in 7 piece dining set can be acquired from the chocolate color microfiber padded seat. You get the matching padded insert too on the chairs for the soft cushioning. The cherry finish does create a sweet appearance too with its black color and wood grain. The main look emits an elegant aura which is pleasing to the eyes.

Those are the choices of good 7 piece dining set which you should get. Each of the products has been chosen carefully too for acquiring the best result. You will get even more wonderful result when you can form the right sets which you love with the right setting of decoration in the room. You should not forget to form the harmony too between the room and the seven dining set which you have.