Streamlight TLR1S Review - LED Rail Mounted Flashlight

Streamlight TLR1S Review : Flashlight for Your Darkness

When you are having an outdoor activity at night, you need the assistance of flashlight for making your way clear in that dark place. For getting the excellent light, there are many flashlights that you can choose. I am going to suggest the Streamlight TLR1S for you. You can get the best utility from your flashlight. There are some great reasons that make me choose this flashlight for my personal friend in the darkness. I will show you the greatness that you will get from the following best Streamlight TLR1S.

1. Streamlight TLR1S Review – LED Rail Mounted Flashlight

Streamlight TLR1S Review - LED Rail Mounted FlashlightThe Streamlight 69210 TLR-1s LED Rail Mounted Flashlight is your primary option to be chosen. The output of the light is really bright. The brightness can be set in different rate to give you just a proper lightness for many usages. Some activities will require different brightness. That feature is well facilitated by this flashlight. As the light can be adjusted, the range of the light can be adjusted according to the brightness that you choose. The width of the light can be adjusted easily to widen the exposed area with the light from the Streamlight Flashlight TLR1S.

The comfortable feature from this Streamlight TLR1S is maximized with the compact design. Compact design will not cost much space in your bag or in your hand, so you can carry it easily. The ease of carrying is  supported by the materials of the flashlight that makes the flashlight light. You get a rail mounted feature. This feature will be used for attaching your flashlight with a weapon. You can get direct lighting toward the aim of your weapon. The beam is concentrated with clear and fine brightness as the lens is made from the high temperature float glass.

You do not have to worry much about this Streamlight TLR1S. The battery is the lithium battery. This lithium battery can last for a long time in the maximum brightness. The length of the time is about 2.5 hours when you have charged the battery fully. You do not have to worry about the safety of this flashlight because the shock proof power LED will not be broken because of hard crash in your flashlight. The design is waterproof and it has strobe light feature.

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Streamlight TLR1S

2. Streamlight 69110 TLR-1 LED Rail Mounted Weapon Flashlight

Streamlight 69110 TLR-1 C4 LED Rail Mounted Weapon FlashlightStreamlight 69110 TLR-1 LED Rail Mounted Weapon Flashlight has an excellent flashlight is dedicated to weapon equipment. It will give light in the direction of your weapon. The light which is produced is quite amazing and satisfying for most people who have used it. The LED has a rating which is up to 12,000 for the beam intensity. For the system output, there are 300 Lumens for you. You will get a sharp lighting. For making more excellent lighting, there is a deep dish parabolic reflector that will work for making the beam concentrated in one points efficiently.

For the design, you acquire the finest specs for durability. The material used is the machined aluminum which is designed with sealed construction. This sealed construction will enable waterproof design for the flashlight, so working under the rain with this flashlight will not be a big matter for you. It is light. It will not disturb the weight of your weapon. The lightness has been favored by many people.

The technology invented in the attachment method is really amazing. This Streamlight Flashlight can be attached and detached in a second from your gun. The rail grip clamp system is designed with an easy way of attachment. The attachment is adjusted with various kinds of attaching part like Picatinny, Glock-Style, S&W 99, Beretta 90two, and S&W tsw gun rails. For the ease of switching the light, the ambidextrous operating system will let you turn on and off this flashlight with one hand at ease. The lithium battery given in this flashlight will let you stay in the light for about 2.5 hours non stop usage.

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Streamlight 69110 TLR-1 LED

3. Streamlight TLR-1S HO White LED – 69215

Streamlight TLR-1s HP White LEDStreamlight TLR1S HO White LED – 69215 is just the most amazing choice that you should get. This is special lighting for your S&W, M&P 9/. 40 Paddle weapon. The attachment of this flashlight is not hard too for you because it comes with system rail grip clamp. That is easy to be attached just by one hand and give a strong grip with easy attachment too. The flashlight is light for you, so it will not make you have a hard time carrying this light in your weapon. The weight of this flashlight is about 10 ounces

The lens comes with high qualified float glass. This float glass is clear and hard, so it will not be broken easily. It is designed for extreme condition. You will not have to be worried when you unintentionally make the weapon and the flashlight fall. The firmness of the design will not make the flashlight break apart when it is falling. Every part of this light have been maximized with sealed construction. Every part is fastened with really strong sealing.

The beam reflector placed in this Streamlight TLR1S HO Flashlight is just the best. It makes the light concentrated well in the setting that you put. You will get the best lighting in the way that you want. This concentration will make a sharp light and will  show you the objects that you aim at. It is designed for extreme condition. This flashlight is waterproof and dustproof.

When you have guns in your house, you should not forget to equip it with this Streamlight Flashlight. It will give you much benefit and advantage for your weapon. It can be used for the side usage else than being light for your weapon. You can use it for daily usage, such as using it for finding some tools in your dark garage or basement. The three of the flashlights that have been mentioned are worth owning, so you do not have to hesitate in buying one of them.