Dorel Living 3-Piece Devyn Faux Marble Pub Dining Set

3 Best 3 Piece Pub Table Set – Dorel Living VS Winsome VS Retro

Having a side area in your room may be useful for you. For several people, the general thought that may appear once you see the empty area is filling it up with some great furniture. Among many other furniture’s the popular one is porcelain. But out of that you can try something different that is by adding the 3 piece pub table set in your side space. Here three top models for you.

3 Piece Pub Table Set Review

1. Dorel Living 3 Piece Devyn Faux Marble Pub Dining Set

Dorel Living 3-Piece Devyn Faux Marble Pub Dining SetIn the first place of three top adorable 3 piece pub table set is the Dorel marble table set. This set is really chic and simple. There is no complex circle or shapes on the furniture’s design. It has no complex model that may look heavy. This set is made with simple design that is almost minimalist. The minimalist style is the adorable point of this set. With dark color tone, this furniture will look more stands out if you put it aside with light colored walls, especially if you apply light pastel color for your wall. This will make your long side corner room becomes more alive and attractive.

The black wood finish on this wood material makes this table set becomes the best. The simple model makes it easy to be cleaned up as well as easy to be taken care of. The faux marble table top is the magical point of this furniture. It turns out the table and the chairs become really elegant. This set is completed with two matching black padded stools. The black padded stools come with faux leather upholstery. So you can really feel the comfort feel for sure. This set can be used for various needs. It can be used for multi purpose, including space saving dining solution. This is one of the magical set that you need.

2. Winsome’s parkland Antique Walnut Table Set

Winsome's Parkland 3-Piece Square High Pub Table Set in Antique Walnut FinishThe next one is the Winsome’s table set. The Winsome wood releases several series of table set including the antique series. You may imagine that the model of this set seems as antiquated as the name with a complex design. The model of the furniture is perfectly simple. It is really simple with 1 table piece that looks really clean. The chairs are made with clean and fair design as well. There is no difficult shapes, just ordinary chairs that strangely look so awesome. The 3 piece pub table set comes with 1 ordinary table and two saddle seat stool set without having back.

The look of this furniture is simply neat and clean yet pretty. The key of this great look is due to the premium material. The material of this furniture uses solid wood construction, which gives you high quality construction. The 3 piece pub table set is not left as just unfinished furniture. Simple and ordinary design become highly elegant after being applied with antique walnut finish. You may feel curious about how the dimension is. The table has 33.86 inches with square table shape. The complete dimension number is 33.9 x 33.9 x 39 inches with the weight is 80 pounds. The chair dimension is 4.5 inches x 40 inches x 40.7 inches and total weight is 54 pounds. For you who love ordinary style, this is perfect for you.

You can visit the link below to get more Winsome’s parkland Antique Walnut Table Set details or to check the price.

Winsome’s parkland Antique Walnut Table Set

3. Retro Chrome Bar Table Set

Retro 3 Piece Chrome Bar Stools and Table Set - 3 Piece Pub Table SetThe last recommended table set model for you is the retro style. The 3 piece pub table set that comes with retro style is attractive. You can choose this style if you like to put down classic and retro idea into our house. You can try the retro 50s style design that is really popular. This style is incredibly wonderful. The furniture has 1 table piece with 2 pieces of chairs that comes with both retro styles. The dimension of the table is 31 inches x 41 inches while the stool seat height is 29″. The total weight is around 50 pounds.

The retro style is not using the wooden material just like the previous two. It is simply uses stainless steel as its main material. The stainless steel is made from with great quality. It is really fade away from the rusty condition. It is really strong and long run. The interesting part of this 3 piece pub table set is the unique circulation model for the table and the chair as well. This model gives a new sensation, a different finishing in your room house. The style of the retro one is really unique. The black vinyl padded seat cushion gives a more comfortable seating for you. It can be another option for you who love different style.

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Retro Chrome Bar Table Set

This is all three adorable 3 piece pub table set that you can set up into your room. You can choose which one is the best for you whether it is nature like with its wood material or the retro one with stainless steel. The answer depends on your taste and your house concept as well.