Flir thermal imaging camera - FLIR TG165 Spot Thermal Camera

2 Best Flir Thermal Imaging Camera Review – Flir TG165 VS FLIR E4

Imagine when you can get a very good and clear image with the Flir thermal imaging camera. This thermal imaging camera can detect the minor temperature variations. It can be put everywhere outside without worrying the temperature. Another camera can be broken if it is put on the outside with the changing of temperature. We know that the weather can change every time and we will never have an idea when it will change. This camera has a very good functional and specification. It can be your best choice when you want to buy a camera.

Top 2 Flir Thermal Imaging Camera

1. Flir TG165 Spot Thermal Camera

Flir thermal imaging camera - FLIR TG165 Spot Thermal CameraTG165 spot thermal camera is one of the smart cameras you have ever had if you buy the Flir thermal imaging camera. It has a system that can detect the variation of minor temperature easily. It can detect the hot spot, the failure of electrical, and it can help you in problem of locating the HVAC balancing. There are many more functions that this camera can give you. This camera is completed with non invasive monitoring and some diagnostic tools. This diagnostic tool is used in detecting some electrical problems. This tool is one of the best systems that the camera has and makes it different from any other thermal camera.

You can save your money when deciding to buy this. It will help you to solve many problems like water damage, missing insulation, and many more. One of the features is the MSX which means multi spectral dynamic imaging. This feature adds the definition of the visible spectrum to IR images. You can get an easier interpretation with this camera. It can make you easy in reading some details of texts or labels. It can give you a detail of some location problems. With a range of temperature for about -4 degrees Fahrenheit to +482 degrees Fahrenheit, it makes the camera great.

Size and Capacity

TG165 is one of the greatest thermal cameras. It serves a better bridge of the single spot infrared thermometer with the thermal camera. It is completed with exclusive equipment which is called Lepton micro thermal sensor. This sensor will allow you to know where you have to measure the heat. If there is a problem, this camera can help you to find either hot or cold area easily. It can keep your data, including images to the micro SD card which has capacity 8 GB, so you can show to your customers. The resolution of the Flir thermal imaging camera is 80 x 60, sensitivity is 150mK, and it is completed with a 9 Hz refresh rate.

The safe distance has a good ratio that is 24:1 spot size and it help you to get a safe measuring. Not only good for saving the images, this Flir thermal imaging camera can be used to download images by using USB or removable micro SD card. The images will be downloaded faster from this camera. The proportional size of this camera that is 7.3 inches x 2.2 inches x 3.7 inches. It helps you to save this camera in your crowded bag. It’s lightweight and it will not give you burden because the weight is just 1.85 pounds.

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Flir TG165 Spot Thermal Camera

2. Flir E4 Compact Thermal Camera

FLIR E4 Compact Thermal Imaging CameraAmong any other camera, Flir E4 compact thermal camera is very intuitive to operate. If you do not have any skill or ability to operate the camera, you do not have to be worried. You can operate the camera easily if you follow the instruction. This camera is very suitable for the beginners and it is a DIY-iris camera because of the proportional size with 11.9 x 5 x 8.1 inches and the weight is only 1.3 pounds. Thermal camera needs some protection even though it has some protection inside. The good maintenance and caring will help you keep this Flir thermal imaging camera longer.

This thermal camera is covered by a 2 year warranty for the camera and ten year warranty for the thermal imaging detector. There are four chargers or plug power supply in this Flir thermal imaging camera, and the battery is rechargeable. It makes you easy to using this camera because you do not have to be worried when the battery is low. You can use the camera for about 4 hours continuous in one time charge. You need to charge the battery as long as 2 hours 30 minutes if you put the battery in the camera, but if you use external charger, you just need 2 hours for charging.

Flir E4 compact Features

Because Flir E4 camera can download images, it completed with USB cable and Flir tools software disc. The shape of the camera itself is excellent because it has a rugged double molded design that will make you easy to handle the camera. This camera gives a finer result, whether it is put to the PC. So, you can use this camera if you want to make some professional documentation or reports. This camera has a focus as close as 1.6 feet in the distance. The result or the image will be good as you capture image in close up.

Because it is a smart Flir camera, it has a high resolution 3 in 1. It has the accuracy for about 2%. This camera is completed with color LCD screen, 640 x 480 digital camera, and spot measurement mode. That’s all makes the Flir thermal imaging camera the best camera ever. The 3 in high resolution has 3 thermal palettes that are iron, rainbow, and gray. It will capture the best image with the very best color combination.

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Flir E4 Compact Thermal Camera

With all those very good aspects, specification, and quality, the Flir thermal imaging camera must be your choice in choosing a thermal camera. The camera has been completed with warranty, high technology tools like an LCD screen, battery, double molded design, Flir tools software, MSX feature, and spot measurement mode. With complete product warranty over a year, you have to swipe away your doubt about this camera and go shopping for the shop to get this very excellent camera.